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Tis the season for Keratin Treatments!

Do you feel like your hair is extra frizzy and unmanageable when the hot summer weather hits? You may be a good candidate for a keratin treatment! We offer 2 different keratin options, and here are the differences between the 2.

1. Keratin Smoothing Treatment: This treatment will bring your hair to its ideal, most beautiful condition without damaging the hair or using harsh chemicals. It also reduces drying time by 33-50%-- what a great way to save time in the morning! We use the brand Cezanne (for both the full keratin and keratin express)-- it is formaldehyde free and it does not give off any unpleasant odors. Full Keratin Treatments start at $280 and they typically last up to 5 months on average.

2. Keratin Express: This treatment lasts about 6 weeks but that can change depending on how often you wash your hair at home. Keratin Express starts at $120 and is also meant for taming frizz for a smooth, manageable look.

Although these treatments are great for creating a more smooth and manageable result, please keep in mind that it is NOT a straightening system like brazilian blowouts or relaxers. The Keratin treatments are simply designed to manage frizz and tame down those unruly kinky curls. Schedule a consultation with one of our stylists today!

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